Flowers anyone ? Fresh, natural, home grown petals.

I was welcomed on the way up to the Japanese Tea House in Bukit Tinggi, Pahang with some sort of pink flowers. I’ve no idea the name of this elongated wild thing. It was growing on the side walk. It made me smile, that’s all that matters.

Upon climbing up a small cliff, I arrived at the Japanese tea house’s entrance. Nice, bamboo trees all over and more wild leaves. I stepped up slowly, admiring the natural beauty.

10 more steps up the hill top, I was greeted with a water fountain. The tea house stood there patiently, waiting for my arrival. Its roof winked at me, enticing me to climb up further. I stopped and sat by the rocks. I was not easily seduced.

Finally, my defense failed me. I walked up the walk path.

A Malaysian lady dressed in a Kimono gown spoke to me gently. “Try Kimono, madam ?” she said. I politely declined the RM25 offer. I continued my journey around the tea house.

There is nothing to do in Bukit Tinggi!

“Refute # 2. Solitude time with Mother Nature